Distinguished Writing Award Nomination Form - Partner or Counsel - 2017

This award honors law firm partners and associates for clear, concise, and comprehensive legal writing. The nominations are submitted for articles written in publications the previous year. The publication must have an editor. The new extension due date for submissions is January 31, 2017. No submissions will be accepted after the 31st.

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NOTE: For all additional inquiries, requests or questions concerning supporting document submissions, please email: academiccommittee@burtonawards.com


Only one article may be submitted on behalf of a law firm. There is no submission fee or cost.

Only managing partners, marketing directors or their designees may nominate an applicant.

At least one author or coauthor must be a partner or counsel at the firm at the date the article was written. All winners must wait three years before re-applying unless other partners or counsel are co-authors and are involved as authors in newer articles.

Please provide the name, address, telephone number, fax and email of each co-author.

The article must have a publication date of 2016 even if it actually printed at a later date.

The subject of the article can be devoted to any legal topic.

The article may have appeared in any publication, whether written for lawyers or for consumers.

Presently, the author may not be a full-time academic.

This completed nomination form, together with a copy of the article, should be submitted online at www.burtonawards.com and must be received by January 31, 2017. No submissions will be accepted after this date.

Please note: In addition, you must submit a 150 word narrative biographical summary written in the third person and a high resolution photograph at the time of nomination.

Policy: Instead of The Burton Foundation providing one complimentary ticket, the first author to attend the Gala is required to contribute $1175 to the "Burton Foundation for Legal Achievement." The funds are used to defray the costs of transportation and travel for students and professors in law.

For more information on the Distinguished Legal Writing Awards for Partner or Counsel, please click here.